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Hacker Creations

Hacker Creations by Melissa Glick features a line of hats, jewelry, clocks and home décor for lovers of intriguing, unusual and quirky. This includes technology that is transformed and repurposed into “structural poetry” drawing upon geometric abstraction, found objects & steampunk.  Hacker Creations' bowler hats are adorned with old & new mechanical parts including shiny round hard drives, gears, copper wrapped snowflakes (stators), concentric circles (fan covers), laser readers, clock faces & camera, binocular parts.  Melissa Glick's jewelry creations include earrings, necklaces & broaches constructed from circuit boards, spacers, resisters, gears, springs & charms.  For more information, please see:

Hacker Creations will be vending at TempleCon 2016 in The Garden Pavilion.