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Can I register more than 1 person with my account?

Sorry, you can't. Because we allow people to register for events, each member must have their own account in our system.

When can I begin register for events?

Paid members may register starting June 04, 2016 at Noon (EST).

Help! I made a mistake when checking out. I selected Offline instead of PayPal (or vice versa)!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of us will help you out ASAP!

How do I make a credit card payment without a PayPal account?

  1. Use the Paypal option. Once you're at their site, there is a button that says "Don't have a PayPal account?"
  2. Click on it.
  3. Enter your credit card information there. PayPal will process the credit card transaction on your behalf without having to login to an account.

Do you accept any other forms of payment other than Offline or PayPal?

If you an account, you can come to The Temple Games in Pawtucket, RI and pay in person with cash, credit card, or debit card. Ask at the counter and one of us will assist you. If you have not made an account, click here.

I paid via PayPal, but my status is Pending! Or it went from Active to Pending. What gives?

If your status went from Active to Pending, it is likely because you chose to pay us by e-check with PayPal. Once your e-check payment clears, we will change your status back.

I am sending a check. Who do I make it out to and where do I send it?

You can make the check out to: TempleCon
Please send your payment to the following address:
Temple Studios, Inc.
167 Columbus Avenue
Pawtucket, RI, 02860

Remember to include your confirmation number.

How do I find out about the status of my membership/events?

Once you have logged in, go to Register > My Events. Your membership, merchandise, and all events you sign up for will be listed there with the appropriate status. This will allow you to see everything you've signed up for to better plan your fun and free time. If you see a status that looks like a mistake, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I just paid for a membership, but I can't register for events.

Please logout and login again. Successfully paying for a membership via PayPal updates your user account. You'll need to login again for your new permissions to load in your browser session.

I want to register for a full event. Am I going to miss out? Can I register for it anyway?

We have hit the maximum capacity for that event. Registering for the event will put you on a waiting list. If anyone cancels, we will start filling those slots with people from the waiting list. When it comes time for TempleCon 2016, the person running each event will get a list of everyone who pre-registered and everyone on the waiting list. People on the waiting list get priority over walk-ins. Just because you're not guaranteed a spot doesn't mean you are shut out of the event.

How the heck do I cancel and event I registered for?!

  1. Login and go to Register > My Events.
  2. Click on the event you want to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel Registration.

Pre-registration is over. Does that mean it's full or I cannot participate?

All events welcome walk-ins at the convention whether you purchased a membership during pre-registration or on-site. There is often at least 1 person who doesn't show up to an event they sign up for. In that case people on the pre-registration waiting list and walk-ins fill those slots. If you really want to go to an event, show up anyway. You may luck out.

Help! The values in the checkboxes keep getting cleared or say "Invalid Input" when I attempt to submit a form application?

This seems to only be a problem with Internet Explorer. Go to Tools and turn on Compatibility View. You should be able to submit the form properly after the page reloads.

If I live outside of the USA or Canada, why do I have to select a state/province?

We cannot force the state/province dropdown to appear depending on country so you have to pick something. If you live outside of either of these countries, the first option in the dropdown is "None." That was put there specifically for you. To our neighbors in the north, all your provinces are listed below the states.

Is my profile visible to the public? I don't want my personal information available to anyone who wants to see it.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Fields that are marked "visible" mean that they will appear in your profile. The only people who can see your profile are YOU and the con's administrators.

When I look at my user profile, what are all those other fields that I wasn't required to enter upon registration?

Those are fields that may be useful to you when events become available. They are mostly ID numbers for specific games. If you fill those in, they will auto-populate when you register for events that ask for your ID. Each field has a tooltip that you can rollover to get information.