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TempleCon has moved our dates to Thursday, August 25th through Sunday, August 28th, 2016! With the move to the late summer, a number of new and previously impossible options have opened to us that allow TempleCon to grow in new ways. We view this event as constantly evolving and changing, and it goes without saying that TempleCon 2016 will be the largest leap forward TempleCon has ever taken in 11 years. Below is a small preview of some of the awesome things we are working on bringing you for TempleCon 2016, but it is by no means complete. With the extra 6 month lead time between events, we can now push forward with some awesome ideas that we haven't had the time to accomplish in the past. Get ready for an amazing eleventh year!

Over 10,000 additional square feet of dedicated gaming space

It's no secret that as attendance grows, space at TempleCon gets tighter, especially for our miniatures wargaming events. With a move to the high season, the outdoor, fully lit, covered-from-and-to, and air conditioned structure, Pavilion gives the event a ton more space to use, while at the same time balancing the crowds back toward the center of the venue. The Pavilion has allowed us to consider all new layouts, while at the same time making it possible for many events and exhibitors that we simply didn't have space for to now attend TempleCon! For more information on it, check our this informational page. It's pretty awesome.

The Collectable Badge System is Unveiled!

For years, we've wanted to implement a collectable badge system to go hand-and-hand with our extremely popular personalized dog tags. While this came close to being unveiled in 2015, we decided to work on the idea a bit further, and we're proud to announce that in 2016, you'll be able to wander the convention, participating in events to build and complete a really cool looking constructable badge. Each one will be unique from year to year, and we're even planning on some awesome items to stick these on as you work towards completing them. For more info on it as we reveal it, check here!

Immersive and Dedicated Arcade

While our arcade in the Rotunda in 2015 worked out well on many levels, we missed (and many of you did too!) the dark, loud, neon lit atmosphere of previous years. We've decided to double the space of the arcade in 2016, and do so by returning it to it's roots at TempleCon in a completely immersive retro gaming experience that you have not experienced at any other event. And of course, this space needs to be filled with even more cabinets, which we're in the process of working to bring you. Finally, some have requested the return of tournaments, and we've heard your call. We're going to bring you a selection of both casual and competitive arcade gaming events that we think you'll be damn pleased with.

Enhanced Event Registration

Every year, TempleCon attendees who have pre-registered for the convention get the ability to reserve their place in a number of events at the convention. While this system has worked very well, we're looking into enhancing it further, as well as providing a way to maintain a strong level of communication and accuracy with event coordinators to make sure that attendees who sign up for events don't have their space taken by somebody else (or a buddy of the GM!). These procedures will allow people running events to know in detail who will be playing in them, while at the same time assuring our players aren't locked out of an important event by someone impersonating them.

Outdoor Action!

It's been strange running an event for a number of years at a venue known for outdoor events in the middle of winter. This year that changes, with full scale LARPs, demonstrations, and events on the ample grounds and patio space of the Crowne Plaza. We've wanted to offer these events for years, and again, our date change allows us to finally pull stuff like this off. We have a number of other ideas to use this space, but we're sure there are things you'd like to see too. Bouncy Castle? Archery Lessons? Let us know!

Expanded Drink Seminar Series

Our famous drink seminars have become one of the most popular event tracks at TempleCon annually. Popular enough that multiple other conventions have asked us to organize them at their events! Every year our portfolio expands, and TempleCon is now the destination for a number of women and men who attend specifically for our alcohol seminars. The good news is that we're expanding into a number of different beverages, some of which will have presentations brought to you by local companies and craftspeople. We're excited already, and we think you will be too!

Classic Console Gaming Room

If you enjoy our classic arcade, you'll also love our latest addition to the retrogaming action at TempleCon. We're putting together a dedicated room featuring playable video game consoles ranging from the late seventies, to modern day. Take a walk through gaming history as you check out the collection, and pick up and play the unforgettable games that defined a generation!

Increased Board Gaming Space

Much like our miniatures wargaming areas, we've noticed that even with the second room, our Board Gaming library and event space is getting a little cozy. We know how many people now attend TempleCon just for board gaming, and we've answered your call be expanding it yet again!

Return to the Wasteland!

With the popularity of Mad Max: Fury Road and Fallout 4 on the horizon, interest in all things post-apocalyptic is at an all time high. We didn't want to waste the opportunity and miss all of the incredible cosplay we know a lot of you are wanting to pull out, so we've decided to revisit our theme of Atompunk/Raygun Gothic for 2016!