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For tabletop and hobby gaming in all it's many forms, TempleCon is your destination. No matter what sort of dice rolling, card shuffling, role playing, or miniatures mayhem you love, there is something going on around the clock.

Relax in our colossal board gaming lounge, stocked with hundreds of titles for your enjoyment, or learn something brand new. If you have a competitive edge, compete in a series of tournaments that run day and night, or cut loose and enjoy some casual games while discovering something new. Tabletop gaming at TempleCon is designed to appeal to all skill levels and interests of the thousands of gamers who attend each year.

Add to all of this gaming industry guests of honor, demos and panels, painting contests and vendors, it is easy to see that TempleCon remains the promised land for people who game that simply demand more from their convention experience!

Now back in a dedicated space for 2016, arcade culture lives on at TempleCon! Each year the convention hosts an ever-expanding arcade of fully restored classic arcade game cabinets ranging throughout the 1980's and into the early 1990's, covering both the gold and silver age of arcade gaming.

This lovingly restored collection of incredible vintage arcade nostalgia is an interactive time machine of the the greatest years of video gaming, and is available day and night throughout the weekend for you to take a trip into the past. Also, compete against some of the annual top scorers for fun and prizes in our free high score contests. And the best part of all? Absolutely no quarters are required!

In 2016, the retrogaming fun doesn't end there. We're expanding our digital wonderland to include video gaming consoles dating back from the birth of the electronic entertainment age, all the way through to the popular modern icons that have defined video gaming today.

The lifeblood of TempleCon is our diverse weekend-long sets of shows and live performances; no matter why you attend TempleCon, you do not want to miss these! With cutting-edge live music, performers, variety shows, incredible DJs, and more, this con has become the destination for insanely creative people to show off what they do best. We're incredibly proud to say that we've served as a groundbreaking venue for artists that have been shaking up the convention scene ever since, both locally and abroad!

Any TempleCon veteran can tell you that there is a unique sort of nightlife that is perhaps the best part of TempleCon, and this centers around the talent that fills the convention after hours with the intoxicating sights and sounds that make this party everything that we always hoped it would be.

In 2016, cosplay is the reason why conventions are more popular than ever worldwide. TempleCon is proud to host some of the best costumers in the country, and every year the caliber of what folks grace our halls and stage with seems to dramatically increase. With our rotating yearly theme, you will never expect what people will concoct each year.

Even beyond hall costumes, TempleCon also plays host to an annual Makers' Masquerade costume contest to showcase and award the very best in convention costuming, as well as an annual fashion show featuring designs and concepts tied to science fiction and retro-futurist themes from some truly talented designers who have made TempleCon a launchpad for their creativity.

A geek convention for grownups, TempleCon was conceived on the concept that the finer things in life should be appreciated in moderation, even at a convention. Especially at a convention. Thus, for those that enjoy fine drink, TempleCon is the home to a exclusive annual series of tasting seminars that has you covered. You won’t find this anywhere else. Let our series of experts guide you through a world of rare scotch whiskey, craft beer, rum, mead, absinthe, and more! Travel the world without leaving the convention, as our masters illustrate the various regions where your favorite spirits are produced, the complex and often ancient history behind them, and the many tastes and styles that define great alcohol. Come join the party!