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TempleCon 2015
February 5-8, 2015
The Crowne Plaza - Warwick, RI
Theme: All Retro-Futurism Themes

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10 years of TempleCon.  2015 marked our first decade of the show, and what an event it was.

Four days of TempleCon kicked off with the most insane schedule of events we've ever had, and attendance blew past two-thousand attendees early in the weekend, despite winter weather concerns looming. While the biggest events at the convention were as well attended as ever, the live music and shows repeatedly completely packed the Rotunda for truly the first time in the history of the convention. This was a landmark year for the entertainment, as scheduling convention-wide was reworked in harmony to finally make the nightlife at TempleCon fully realized as a evening hub for the convention.

Starship Horizons was also a massive hit, allowing teams of players throughout the weekend to enter into a full featured Starship Bridge Simulator. The Crystal Brush miniatures painting contest also returned to TempleCon, with more entries and beautiful competition across a number of game systems. Add to this record minis attendance for Privateer Press's Warmachine and Hordes, as well as Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, and we knew that more space was going to be needed for TempleCon 2016!

As a midwinter blizzard rolled in Sunday evening, everyone was well aware that 2015 was a excellent send-off for a decade's worth of TempleCon memories!