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TempleCon 2006
January 27-29, 2006
The Holiday Inn - Providence, RI
Theme: None

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TempleCon 2006 was how it all started. Building a grass-roots gaming convention on the concept of taking a fresh, zero bullshit approach to geek events, TempleCon was a small, but ultimately successful inception that would lay the groundwork for eventual plans for interstellar domination under the flag of the TempleCon Army.

Some of the highlights were the largest Warmachine tournament run in a convention setting for its time, an amazing art show featuring Magic: The Gathering artists Dave Seeley, Lars Grant-West, and Cyril Van Der Haagen, and a sizable board gaming selection and event presence. While small in scope, the unique concept of the event was well-received by its first intrepid attendees, and the experience gained from TempleCon 2006 would prove valuable in building what was to come.