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TempleCon 2007
February 16-18, 2007
The Westin - Providence, RI
Theme: Cyberpunk

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With a new, larger venue, 2007 was the year in which TempleCon would truly distinguish itself. In addition to over three times the amount of tournaments and hobby gaming events than the year before, 2007 would be the first year in which TempleCon would feature a video gaming room running tournaments 24 hours a day, all weekend. TempleCon also became an international event, as multiple attendees from abroad ventured out to compete.

The convention would once again play host to the largest Warmachine tournament of its era (this time, with its feral twin Hordes!). Panel discussions, both gaming and non-gaming related, began to evolve TempleCon into more than just a local gaming convention, but rather a full-featured event that spanned a number of diverse interests.