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TempleCon 2009
February 6-8, 2009
The Providence Biltmore - Providence, RI
Theme: Dieselpunk

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The phrase "over the top" does not do TempleCon 2009 justice. 2009 was an important year for the convention, in which the concept of what the identity of the show was (a gigantic spectacle!) was catalyzed in a party that few who attended will easily forget.

This was the first time TempleCon could be called a true multi-genre event. A festival-like atmosphere pervaded the Biltmore as a massive schedule of events provided around-the-clock options for the record number of attendees who called TempleCon their home for a full weekend. Risky decisions paid off as we ran a now-infamous bellydance and burlesque show during one of the largest gaming events of the weekend, and this would serve to be the seed of the live entertainment which would become a mainstay of TempleCon from that point on!

With an attendance increase of over 150% in one year, many fans point to 2009 as their first show, with some awesome stories to accompany their memories of TempleCon 2009. This also served as the first convention built with the invaluable aid of our volunteer arm, The TempleCon Army. This year would go down as the point of transition from local convention to something larger, as the framework and intention of TempleCon would finally be realized.