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TempleCon 2010
February 5-7, 2010
The Crowne Plaza - Warwick, RI
Theme: Decopunk

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With the success of 2009 behind it, TempleCon once again needed space to grow. After a lengthy selection process, TempleCon moved to the vast Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort, outside of Providence, in the city of Warwick, RI.

This move would offer the event options like never before. Now more than just a gaming event, TempleCon became known in 2010 as a crafting and costuming event like no other in the region with our first Retro-Futurist fashion show and our first Makers' Masquerade costume contest. Full-blown live concerts, variety shows, and other acts would also take to the stage for nightly shows that now are synonymous with TempleCon, as immersive parties and panels took place on the floors above.

TempleCon also played host once again to some of the largest gaming events on the international competitive play circuit, with record numbers for miniatures wargaming and more. Multiple large vendors attended in force, as well as booths from various game companies who would go on to declare TempleCon one of the lowest stress and most fun shows for game industry professionals to kick off their convention year!

Video gaming at TempleCon would also begin to undergo a transition from competitive modern console shooters to fighting games, that would eventually lead us to arcade gaming. TempleCon 2010 was the point in which the convention had truly gelled into its modern form. Epic things were on the horizon!