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TempleCon 2011
February 4-6, 2010
The Crowne Plaza - Warwick, RI
Theme: Neo Victoriana

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With the Crowne Plaza proving to be an ideal venue for TempleCon, in 2011 the convention grew to expand significantly in the new space. With over 30,000 square feet of space to occupy, TempleCon 2011's motto of "Epic" was brought to life as attendance became measured in thousands.

The board game room featuring a massive library of over 200 titles, the largest of its type nationally, became a staple experience at TempleCon. With even more function space now being used in the venue, miniatures events also grew significantly, allowing for a mix of both competitive and casual play during the weekend of a variety of new and old game systems, some of them run by their designers! With a now completely dedicated vendor hall as well as the Clockwork Bazaar, TempleCon 2011 also had significantly more places to pick up nifty stuff than during any of our previous shows.

Beyond gaming, TempleCon also expanded with an unprecedented number of panels and classes.  Add to this an amazing set of performances, live music, and our first live shadowcasts, and TempleCon 2011 was a year not easily forgotten.