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TempleCon 2012
February 3-5, 2012
The Crowne Plaza - Warwick, RI
Theme: Post-Apocalyptic/Atompunk

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TempleCon 2012 was all about celebrating the end of the world with its incredibly popular Post-Apocalyptic theme, but that proved to be just the beginning. For starters, some of the best costuming that's ever been seen, before or since, was present at TempleCon 2012, as attendees mixed some absolutely bad-ass Fallout-inspired Atompunk ideas with other concepts of Retro-Futurism. The theme ran very heavy throughout all of the event programming, and being as accessible as it was, proved to be by far one of our most popular. For three days, the Crowne appeared to have been truly transformed into a wasteland.

By TempleCon 2012, video gaming at TempleCon had grown into a distinct focus on classic arcade gaming. This was well-received, and it looked like retro gaming in general was something that was now a major part of TempleCon. Little did anyone know how big it would get in 2013!