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TempleCon 2014
February 7-9, 2014
The Crowne Plaza - Warwick, RI
Theme: Cyberpunk

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TempleCon 2014 brought the convention to new heights of incredible when over 3200 attendees easily made the Cyberpunk-themed edition of TempleCon the most well-attended yet!

Within a 1980s-influenced neon cyberpunk dystopia, TempleCon visitors were treated to what was certainly the most colorful TempleCon yet in more ways than one. With a massive schedule of live music, combined with a huge array of cyberpunk guest authors, cyberpunk costuming workshops, cyberpunk-themed dance performances, and numerous panels exploring the future of technology and more, there was more to do and see at TempleCon than ever before.

The arcade truly grew into a centerpiece for TempleCon, as classic arcade action was brought to a full-function room with over 40 classic arcade titles from the golden age of video gaming.

Of course, hobby gaming also grew once again, setting records for attendance for many game systems, while at the same time bringing a number of new large exhibitors to TempleCon for the very first time!