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Travel and Parking Information

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, parking at TempleCon has never been easier. The hotel offers a large, free parking lot to all attendees. In the rare case that this entire parking lot is filled, local free parking can be found at one of the nearby large grocery store parking lots off of Greenwich Avenue.

Considering flying into TempleCon? Here's some information that should help you.

T.F. Green Airport
2000 Post Rd Warwick, RI 02886-1533
Phone: (401) 737-8222

The international airport servicing Warwick, Rhode Island is T.F. Green Airport, just two miles from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Complimentary shuttle service is available to get you directly from the terminal to the Crowne Plaza.

The airport code for T.F. Green is "PVD," and all major airlines make regular flights to and from it daily. For more information and a detailed listing of upcoming flights, check their website.

Booking Flights

If you are planning to book a flight to TempleCon, our suggestion would be to stay far away from directly going through the major online booking agents such as Orbitz and Expedia, as they tend to not give you the best price that you can get. Instead, hit the various aggregators online, and make sure you check more than one. These search engines compile the flight information from many different independent booking sites, so with a bit of work, you can usually find yourself a great deal on a flight package to Providence.

Check the other following aggregators for the best rate on your flight. TempleCon 2016 is August 25th through the 28th, 2016, so make sure you use nearby dates to define your travel window.

Momondo (
Hipmunk (
Kayak (
Mobissimo ( [Recommended for our international attendees]

Tips for Air Travel

Like most conventioneers, usually you'll be traveling to TempleCon with a lot of fragile stuff that you would rather not see mutilated beyond recognition. Here are a few tips to keep your gaming stuff intact while flying the unfriendly skies:

  1. If you have any choice at all, do not check your gaming bags as standard luggage! Before leaving, organize what you want to bring to the convention into one carry-on suitable bag if possible. Even then, you may still want to add extra foam protection to your miniatures bags or card cases to help deal with the rigors of traveling and moving through crowded airports.
  2. Keep the costume weapons at home. If you are attending the convention in costume, and plan on having all sorts of deadly-looking devices to frighten unwary attendees, you might want to ditch that idea if you are planning on flying. While in a sane and logical world, a terrorist would probably not attempt to hijack a plane with a licensed replica of Narsil, the TSA does not understand sanity and logic, and will get cranky at you.
  3. Get a lot of sleep the week before you fly out to TempleCon. Air travel is exhausting, and once you get to TempleCon, you will be so busy basking in pure 24-hour awesome that your mind and body will forget about that "sleep" thing.