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What is TempleCon?

Founded in 2006, TempleCon is a celebration of all things with a science fiction and retro-futurism theme, right next door to one of the coolest cities in the world, Providence, Rhode Island. It's a volunteer-run three day festival of sights, sounds, tabletop games, classic arcade action, live music, and a ton more. TempleCon is also a highly social event, which means that while we're all about the entertainment, we're even more about the people who love it. We started TempleCon eleven years ago for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because we think that things gaming and fandom need to finally be dragged out of the basement and into the ballroom. TempleCon intentionally breaks a lot of the long-standing concepts of "geek" conventions, and offers up a diverse event full of wild parties, great games, performances, guests, workshops, vendors, and a ton more stuff that we think you'll like. In a convention circuit dominated by mega-expos focusing on getting as much cheap crap into your hands as possible, we think you may find TempleCon a breath of fresh air if you are searching for something different.

Trust us. You want to be here.

So, why is it called TempleCon?

Good question. We think of the "Temple" in TempleCon in terms of the ancient definition of the word, long before it was applied to any specific religious context. To us, the word Temple represents a sacred chosen gathering ground where like minds meet and socialize, to learn from and test each other and create amazing experiences together, and to see some amazing costumes and performances. And smash some faces in a bunch of games of your choosing. That too.

Oh, we've also opened a stupidly cool gaming store and lounge in Rhode Island called "The Temple." For more information, check that out here. Reverse name recognition is so awesome.

How many people attend TempleCon?

ln 2015, over three-thousand people, from a number of different states and countries, made TempleCon 2015 the largest one we've run yet. We intend to significantly increase this number again in 2016!

Who goes to this type of thing?

Lots of different people. We'll be honest with you, fictitious-FAQ-question-person, another one of those many reasons that TempleCon was conceived is because we felt that the convention scene tended to pander to the rather unflattering stereotypes of gamers and science fiction fandom in general. We have found that the gaming hobby and Retro-Futurist fandom are also full of a lot of really decent people who often stay away from big events because they just don't want to deal with all the crap, and we don't blame them. So, with that in mind, TempleCon isn't just for gamers or hardcore science-fiction fans. It's for people who game, and for people who love science fiction, Retro-Futurism, or gigantic parties, in whatever form most appeals to them. What that means is that this party has lots of different types of people at it, from the incredibly casual gamer, to the disturbingly hardcore one, from people who have never previously heard of Retro-Futurism but want to know more, to the die-hard cosplayer, and every indecisive bastard in between.

How much does it cost?

Really, you don't want to know. We try not to think about it. Oh, whoa, wait. You mean "How much does it cost to attend?" Check the Registration page for more info when pre-registration goes live. We think you'll be pretty surprised how affordable it is, especially in light over how much other shows charge these days.

Not only is our entry fee pretty tame, but we also don't charge per event ticket prices or any of that nonsense (although if you are playing in a draft event or attending a seminar with additional materials/product required, those events may have a materials or prize support fee). So when you come to TempleCon, you get your badge, and you play games, see shows, and go nuts until you collapse due to lack of sleep and we drag you away. That's it. We keep things pretty simple.

We also have a door discount. If you have a valid current military or student ID, you can purchase a weekend pass at a discount. We are sorry, but we can only give you the military/student discount if you show us the ID at the door.

I have no money, but would still like to attend. Can I somehow get in for free?

If you are completely broke but still want to attend, it may be possible to arrange something. We accept the ancient currency of volunteer labor with which to oil the cogs of our well-tuned machine. If volunteering to join the ranks of the TempleCon Army for the weekend sounds like something you'd find enjoyable, we pity you, but will kindly direct you to the Volunteer Page for more info. Be warned: we bust ass to put on this show, and we run a tight ship. If you work hard, you'll earn yourself the weekend for free, and a ton of respect from us.

You also might want to consider running an event at TempleCon. Game masters get into TempleCon for free on the days that their events run, so long as the events they are running add up to four or more hours each day, so you might want to consider submitting a proposal to us to run your favorite game system at the convention.

What's the general age of people who attend TempleCon?

Well, we don't care what age you are, and a few gamer moms and dads do show up with lil' fans in tow. However, most guys and gals who attend TempleCon are at least 18+, with the vast majority being 21+. If you are mature enough to hang with adults and don't require some children's event schedule or something to keep you from burning the hotel down, welcome to TempleCon.

What kind of rules are there? What kind of atmosphere should I expect?

That's actually two questions. Which is ok, because we don't have many rules. Just don't be stupid, and treat everyone else with respect. We're really not huge on telling you what you can and can't do (that said, if you seriously need rules, feel free to peruse our Policies page). We started this convention specifically to get away from the commercial and the cliquish. We started this to provide a weekend-long refuge for actual grown-ups who don't need their hands constantly held when they just want to cut loose, relax, and have a insane weekend. We're not going to tell you to keep your voice down or to put your drink away here because someone might be offended by the sight of a freaking beer.

We aren't busting our asses to fabricate some homogeneous corporate circle-jerk that tries to cater to the whims of every single idiot out there. We know some people are going to read the website, and be offended at both our attitude and our terrible attempts at humor, and most importantly that we don't have some kind of sacrosanct reverence for the smelly, antisocial neck-beard demographic who love to whine more than have huge amounts of fun doing rad things with other people for four days. It's just never been us, and after 11 years, still isn't.

Now that you are finished ranting, what should I bring?

Aside from all your usual convention gear, we'd say comfortable shoes and your functioning brain. The brain is used for remembering that you are going into a social environment (that is not the Internet) with others. That means that you promise not to be a raging idiot to people.

Who organizes TempleCon?

Many amazing people. Two of the people behind the curtain influence the core decision-making process, usually by yelling a lot. If you really want to meet us, head over to The Temple Games in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, or just come to the convention and look for the two people who are either running around barking orders at people, or sobbing quietly in the corner, depending on what day of the weekend it is.

TempleCon also isn't some side project of ours; we work on this thing year round. Sometimes we wonder why. We're sure we'll find out eventually.

I heard that TempleCon has a theme. Is that true?

Yes, TempleCon's theme is all things science fiction and retro-futurism. We think it fits both our style and the venue we're in, as well as many of the events that appear at TempleCon. But, that is a discussion for a different part of the FAQ.