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While a core staff exists comprised of men and women who dedicate the vast majority of the year to organizing TempleCon, it would be nothing without a strong crew of volunteers to keep things running, promote the event, go on the occasional food run, and maybe aid in the unmitigated crushing of our enemies when need arises. TempleCon is proud to be a volunteer-built convention in a widening sea of corporate hired-gun events.

That's where you come in. Since TempleCon grows considerably every year, we're always looking for more skilled people to join our ranks. At the same time, we work hard to run TempleCon, and while we're not out to torture you, we do expect enthusiasm and a strong work ethic if this is something you're going to commit to. Also, you might have figured out by now that we're a bunch of eccentric smart asses, so it would be beneficial if you have a solid sense of humor.

If you are still going to make us convince you, here's a breakdown of the benefits of volunteering, and also what we expect from you.


  • Refunded Admission to TempleCon at the end of the weekend for the days in which you volunteer for four or more hours each day. If you've volunteered for us before without slacking off on the job, or if you come with verifiable references, then you may receive comped admission to the convention without the hassle of paying first - your eligibility for this option will be determined after you have applied.
  • Great event coordination experience.
  • A great job reference (especially in the promotions and hospitality markets) if you didn't piss us off too much.
  • We'll try to keep you reasonably well-hydrated and fed, because dead volunteers are far less useful.
  • A warm and dry (albeit cramped) place to sleep during the weekend.
  • Get cool promotional crap that is sometimes left over from events.
  • Your own personalized TempleCon 2016 dog tag with your rank in the TempleCon Army (available only for all-weekend volunteers).
  • A flexible schedule during the convention weekend.
  • The ability to get in on the ground floor of something rapidly growing and very cool.

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