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It's been something we've been discussing for years, since the frenzy over our increasing ranks on our annual dog tags reached it's peak. In 2016 we're officially unveiling the TempleCon collectible embroidered patch system! Pick up the main patch, and then begin your TempleCon adventure to start earning parts to complete the circle. Each year, we'll be offering a brand new design to complete, with a fresh set of pieces to explore for and earn! Simply pick up parts from participating in all that TempleCon has to offer, and potentially earn some shiny special editions as well by going above and beyond the call of duty by being the best con goer there is.

Did you miss a part or two? Don't worry. We'll be setting up a group with the specific purpose to trade and share patch parts to complete those full patches. We have some other cool ideas for this project that we're not ready to lift the curtain on just yet, but rest assured we have some exciting and cool uses for these things, including some cool purpose-built stuff to put them on!