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As anyone who has attended can confirm, TempleCon is an amazingly fun and crazy weekend. After a full decade of memorable shows, we pride ourselves on being an event that has cultivated a huge community of different people from all over the world, and on bringing these people together in one place for a great time once a year. We are damned proud to say that in all of these years, we've had precious few incidents of harassment because the fine people who go to this thing know that this isn't a place for that crap, and are of way too high of a caliber to be creepy weirdos to other convention folk.

That said, we take any harassment of the fine people who call TempleCon their home for 4 days extremely seriously. To put it right out there, any sort of harassing behavior is completely unacceptable at TempleCon, and we will do anything and everything to make sure that should an incident arise, it will be dealt with as our number one priority.

To be crystal clear, any sort of verbal harassment, stalking, creepy or lewd behavior, unwanted physical contact, inappropriate photography, or anything else that anyone with a functioning brain would consider to be completely out of line in any social setting on earth will get you promptly removed from the convention with absolutely no recourse, and reported to the proper authorities and arrested if a law has been broken. Any and all reports of harassment of any kind will be taken extremely seriously, and investigated fully by our trained staff.

We reserve the right to immediately revoke membership passes to TempleCon in all cases, and while our committee will personally review all reports, any decision made will be absolutely final.

If you ever feel threatened at TempleCon, or witness a situation that you think may be a problem, it is up to you to immediately report a incident to our staff and volunteers, who will be clearly recognizable as such. Alternatively, you can go directly to our information or registration booth and do so. We want to help you, so you need to make us aware of anything that happens that concerns you. Together we can keep TempleCon free of people who attend conventions solely to harass others just there to have a good time!

Here are a few other policies that you should be aware of:

  • Your badges are to be visibly worn at all times when in all Convention areas, and as delicious as they seem, are not to be eaten. Remember, "your pocket" isn't visible. They have a nifty little slot for clips or lanyards, which are available at the registration desk, so that should make this pretty easy to handle.
  • Please do not eat your badge.
  • Single day badges are only valid on the stated day. This means that if you buy a Friday-only badge, when Saturday morning rolls around, it no longer grants you the "+100% Resistance to TempleCon Security" special ability.
  • You will not be allowed to participate in any event at the convention without your badge. Event organizers can and will ask you show it to them if they don't see it displayed on your person.
  • If you lose your badge, please contact TempleCon registration staff immediately. We'll give you a shiny new one (and only one!) for a $5.00 replacement fee, and the use of our big staple gun to make sure you don't lose it again. You pick where you want it stapled the first time you lose one at a TempleCon. Losing another one in successive years allows us to choose where to staple it.
  • We can't offer refunds on memberships. Sorry, but evil trollpeople who try to take advantage of us being easy-going organizers force us to stand firm on this. Don't even ask us, because we're going to get all sorts of uncomfortable because we understand all kinds of things happen and want to help, but the answer is still going to be "No." We can, however, transfer pre-reg memberships to other carbon-based lifeforms for a $5.00 processing fee for a new badge at the convention. We'll even do this gratis for you once if you let us know before December 31st, because we're awesome!
  • Dealers are automatically registered for TempleCon and may play in any event, so long as the TempleCon Dealer badge is worn. Dealers wishing to have assistants at the convention should check with our Vendor Liaison regarding vending assistant registration requirements before the end of convention pre-registration in December.
  • Please contact our desk staff before passing out flyers or promotional materials at the convention. Chances are we'll have absolutely no problem with this, and can actually help you promote your thing, assuming your "thing" is not creepy.
  • TempleCon security teams will monitor the convention area throughout the weekend. However, please be aware that TempleCon is not responsible or liable for any loss of items, personal property, sanity, or virginity from players or vendors. However, if you do have a problem, please let us or one of our staff know immediately, and we will do our best to track down your stuff and bring our impressive and significant wrath down upon the offenders.
  • Any person(s) found stealing will be detained, and the police will be notified. There will also probably be other bad stuff that happens before the police show up that our attorney would advise us not to put here. So, just don't do it. We really hate thieves. Well, the real ones, that is. Not the backstabbing, snappy-dressing, D&D types. You guys still rock, even after all these years!
  • If you attend TempleCon, expect that at some point in the weekend, you may wind up having your photo taken or wander in range of video cameras. TempleCon reserves the right to use the likeness of any TempleCon volunteers, guests, vendors, or attendees for both promotional and propagandistic purposes for the glory of TempleCon. By registering or volunteering for TempleCon you are consenting to our use of your awesome likeness for our promotional purposes. If you have a problem with images of you having a stupidly good time being used on our website or flyers to encourage other people to *also* have a good time, perhaps you should return to the moist underside of your sad little rock. Seriously, we just want to post cool pictures for everyone to enjoy after the convention.
  • No drinks are allowed anywhere near arcade games or other electronics there for your enjoyment! Putting a drink on an arcade game is extra bad!
  • TempleCon reserves the right to have any person(s) removed from the convention/hotel/material plane should the need arise.

Finally, the required fine print.
All TempleCon Attendees shall protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless TempleCon, its affiliated corporations, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, cultists, comrades, agents, representatives, evil wizards, and employees from and against any and all costs and expenses, damages, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, losses, and judgments including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and legal expenses, based on, arising out of, or in any way related or connected with the Convention or any other matter or activity directly or indirectly related to the Convention, including but not limited to libel, slander, ultraslander, disparagement, defamation, copyright infringement, hilarious Facebook trolling, invasion of privacy, piracy, invasions of pirates, plagiarism, palimpsest, periergia, or infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, secret Nazi experiments from 1945, or other intellectual property right of any third party. This obligation shall continue beyond the length of the convention. The spice must flow.