Guest Spotlight: Rory O'Brien

Rory O'BrienRory O'Brien grew up in New England, surrounded by books, history, and the long shadows of Poe, Hawthorne, and Lovecraft.

He spent months haunting the streets of Salem, speaking with tourists, townies, witches, cops, and business owners. He spent a ridiculous amount of money in kitschy tourist attractions, read every guidebook he could get his hands on, and took every walking tour in town ... all in the name of "research."

Gallows Hill is his first novel.

He currently lives in Salem with his patient, long-suffering wife and their black cat.

See Rory O'Brien at TempleCon 2015 at:

Saturday, February 7th, 1:00PM-2:00PM, Con Suite 2 (Room 632)
Gallows Hill Reading and Signing


Guest Spotlight: Ameena

Ameena is known for serving her dance dishes on the saucy side. She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and producer. Based in Rhode Island, she has performed and taught throughout New England at numerous festivals, cons and shows. She is extremely proud to have been part of TempleCon's entertainment since the first "Afternoon Diversion" in 2009. This year is her fifth year serving as variety show director at TempleCon.


Visit her on Facebook and say hello!


See Ameena at TempleCon 2015 at:


Friday, February 6th, 7:00PM-9:00PM, in The Rotunda
Imperium: An Evening of Retro-Futurist Entertainment







Guest Spotlight: Elizabeth Joy

Elizabeth Joy is a fusion dancer from Providence. She has performed at many diverse venues both as a solo artist, and in various troupes. She is a proud member of Creattuk, and The Vertebroads, as well as several additional collaborative projects.


Elizabeth Joy founded Improv Roulette, a quarterly performance experiment. For more information about Improv Roulette, please visit or visit them on Facebook:


Elizabeth Joy is honored to bring a modern interpretation of an old dance form to a convention exploring both the past and the future.


See Elizabeth Joy at TempleCon 2015 at:


Friday, February 6th, 7:00PM-9:00PM, in The Rotunda
Imperium: An Evening of Retro-Futurist Entertainment




Guest Spotlight: Psyche Corporation

Psyche Corporation is a cyber/steampunk band fronted by a former Ladies of Steampunk model, who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range. Hailing from a future where neuroprosthetics allow for dream downloads, the band’s style spans trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music, with themes both dystopian and lighthearted.

See Psyche Corporation at TempleCon 2015 at:


Sunday, February 8th, 11:30AM-12:30PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Cyberpunk Fairytale Storytime Music with Psyche Corporation


Sunday, February 8th, 2:30PM-3:30PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Paranoid Spaceship Rock Concert with Psyche Corporation



Guest Spotlight: The RKO Army

The RKO ArmyThe RKO Army is the shadowcast performing in the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts area since 1981. Known primarily for their legendary performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they have added other fan-favorite productions including REPO! The Genetic Opera, Serenity, Dr. Horribles' Sing-A-Long Blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More with Feeling," Firefly's "Out of Gas," and the Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment. They have had on-going runs at two dozen cinemas over the decades, and they have also performed as guests at a long list of of theaters, conventions, universities, clubs, and parades. In 2013, they threw the National Rocky Horror 38th Anniversary Convention in Providence. The event hailed by many in the national community as setting a new standard for such events.

RKO Army is all about having fun, but they are very serious about that fun. The cast's chief mission has also been their biggest reason for growth - Reaching out to people who feel the same. This has been accomplished thru three primary avenues - Contact, Venues, and Awareness.

The common theme within the Rocky Horror community emanating from the movie is "Don't Dream It, Be It." RKO Army has put that theme into practice by enriching themselves thru association with similar communities who also do the same, most notably in the Cosplay, Steampunk, Gaming, Rave, Gay, Browncoat, Gothic, and Club communities.

No longer limited to just regular-run cinemas, the cast now has established itself as a highly functional road cast in multiple types of venues in Southern New England. They have become major parts of conventions and parades, and sometimes are called in as entertainment for local business organizations, causes, or even weddings! In addition to putting on scheduled performances, RKO's mission is to "seek out new life and civilizations" by hopefully adding to the social interaction offstage at all its events.

RKO Army's operational focus will always be awareness of its audience. While it will always be necessary to have fun performing, what will always supersede that is the relevancy of the entertainment to the audience. The RKO perspective is to never lose sight of the view from the seats you the audience are sitting in.

SHADOWCASTING DEFINED: Shadow casting is the simultaneous physical imitation by one or more people (the cast) to the audio and/or video of a pre-existing production. To enhance the performance, the cast may wear costumes that resemble or help give an interpretation of a character from the production.

See The RKO Army at:
Thursday 11:30PM-1:00AM in The Rotunda: Rocky Horror Picture Show – RKO Army Shadowcast
Sunday 4:30PM-5:15PM in The Rotunda: Firefly: Out of Gas - RKO Army Shadowcast
Sunday 5:15PM-6:00PM in The Rotunda: Firefly: Jaynestown - RKO Army Shadowcast

Guest Spotlight: Tony Konichek

Tony KonichekTony was introduced to roleplaying games in the fifth grade, and his passion for genre movies, comics, miniatures, and hobby gaming soon followed. He has been a WARMACHINE player for ten years, although given his education in illustration and storyboarding, you’re more likely to find him at his painting table than at the gaming table.

It wasn’t long before Tony picked up a video camera and began to explore the world of making movies.  After a decade of freelance film and video production, both for feature films and corporations, his desire to combine motion pictures with his hobbies motivated Tony to join Privateer Press as the staff video producer in 2011.  Working alongside the creative teams that develop and design WARMACHINE, HORDES, Bodgers Games, LEVEL 7, and the Iron Kingdoms setting has proven to be an excellent fit for his ongoing love of movies, art, and gaming.

See Tony Konichek at TempleCon 2015 at:

Friday, February 6th, 10:00AM-11:00AM, in The Grand Ballroom
Privateer Press Panel 'The Next Big Thing!'


Guest Spotlight: Samara

SamaraBoston-based performance artist Samara is the TempleCon Girl of Many Guises. She has appeared all over the Con as a dancer, model, actor, panelist, Gamma Girl promo team member, and one decidedly creepy living statue.

She has performed and taught bellydance at a variety of events including Waking Persephone in Providence, Rakkasah Spring Caravan and Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey, and Tribal Revolution in Chicago. She is the co-organiser of the Geeky Bellydance Show at Arisia in Boston each January and is the resident bellydancer for the burlesque collective Geek Girl Boston. She is the dance child of Neylan in Providence and Tempest wherever she roams and has combined her dance, theatre and performance art training into her own unique style of snaky, statuesque, pop-and-lock bellydance.

For more information, please visit Samara's website.

See Samara at TempleCon 2015 at:

Friday, February 6th, 7:00PM-9:00PM, in The Rotunda
Imperium: An Evening of Retro-Futurist Entertainment

Saturday, February 7th, 10:00AM-11:00AM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Pop, Lock, Freeze & Flow

Saturday, February 7th, 8:00PM-1:00AM, in The Rotunda
Byzantium: A Retro-Futurist Ball


Guest Spotlight: Leanna Renee Hieber

Leanna Renee HieberActress, playwright and author Leanna Renee Hieber is the award-winning, bestselling author of Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels for adults and teens. Her Strangely Beautiful saga won 3 Prism awards for excellence in the genre of Fantasy Romance, hit Barnes and Noble's and Borders bestseller lists and garnered numerous regional genre awards. This series will reissue in new, revised editions from Tor/Forge by 2015, now available for pre-order and the Strangely Beautiful saga is being adapted into a musical theatre production. Leanna's Magic Most Foul trilogy began with Darker Still, an Indie Next List pick and a Scholastic Book Club "Highly Recommended" title. Her new Gaslamp Fantasy saga, The ETERNA FILES, is available for pre-order in hardcover and digital formats and releases 2/3/15 from Tor/Forge. Her short fiction appears in anthologies such as Queen Victoria's Book of Spells (Tor), Willful Impropriety (Running Press), Dark Tales from Elder Regions (Myth Ink Books) and in multiple "Mammoth Book" anthologies from Running Press/Constable and Robinson. Her fiction has been translated into numerous languages such as Polish and Complex Chinese, and selected for national book club editions. A proud member of performers unions Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA, she works often in film and television on shows like Boardwalk Empire. A perky Goth girl with more corsets than is reasonable, Leanna lives in New York City with her husband and their beloved rescued lab rabbit.

Visit her at:
Official Leanna Renee Hieber Website
Official Leanna Renee Hieber Twitter Account
Official Leanna Renee Hieber Facebook Page

See Leanna at TempleCon 2015 at:

Friday, February 6th, 5:30PM-6:30PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Life Outside the Box

Saturday, February 7th, 11:30AM-12:30PM, in Con Suite 2 (Room 632)
Author Salon: Reading by Leanna Renee Hieber

Saturday, February 7th, 2:00PM-5:00PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Neo-Victorian High Tea

Saturday, February 7th, 5:00PM-6:00PM, in The Rotunda
Dominion: A Retro-Futurist Fashion Show

Leanna Renee Hieber will also be vending in the Plaza Foyer throughout TempleCon 2015.


Guest Spotlight: Ego Likeness

Ego LikenessEgo Likeness was created in 1999 by artist Steven Archer, a DC native, and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore, Maryland. Taking their name from Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel 'Dune', the band began as an experimental/dark trip hop project, moving the project in a darker electronic/dance direction in 2000. Since then they have explored a heavier rock sound while still remaining true to their electronic roots.

In addition to touring extensively with The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Ayria, Angelspit, The Ludovico Technique, Ego Likeness has had the honor of sharing the stage with The Damned, Peter Murphy, Chris Connelly, Collide, Razed in Black, Bella Morte, Das Ich, Rasputina, Iris, Decoded Feedback, The Azoic, More Machine Than Man, In Strict Confidence, Combichrist, Stromkern, New Model Army, And One, Seabound, Attrition, Assemblage 23, Nitzer Ebb, Aesthetic Perfection, Terrorfakt, The Gothsicles, and many others.

Ego Likeness has performed at festivals throughout the US and in Europe, including Dragon*Con (Atlanta GA), Convergence 11 (San Diego CA), Dracula's Ball (Philadelphia PA), Ring Con (Fulda, Germany), Balticon (Baltimore MD), Black Sun Festival I (New Haven CT), Freaks United (DC), Eccentrik Festival (Raleigh NC), Reverence (Madison WI), Wicked Faire (Somerset NJ), WTII Mini-Fest (Chicago IL), several Electronic Saviors Benefit shows, and others.

In addition to releasing four EPs and five full-length albums, they have appeared on numerous compilation CDs, including Electronic Saviors 1 and 2, several Asleep by Dawn and Hot Topic releases, and 'Where's Neil When You Need Him?' (a tribute to the work of author Neil Gaiman, DFD 2006).

Steven is the creator of the atmospheric electronica project Hopeful Machines, and occasionally performs with Terrorfakt (NYC). He is also a resident DJ at Spellbound in DC.

Steven, a graduate of The Corcoran School of Art, continues to exhibit paintings, sculpture, and mixed media pieces in various galleries, stores, conventions, and venues throughout the US, and online through the band's website, Facebook, and his Etsy store. He has been a regular contributor to Weird Tales Magazine and Steampunk Magazine. He is the author and illustrator of one children's book, 'Luna Maris' (Imaginary Books, 2008), and the graphic novel 'Red King Black Rook'.

In addition to numerous poems and short stories, Donna has done various spoken word performances, and released two collections of poetry: 'In My Mouth' (2000) and 'Ladies & Other Vicious Creatures' (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2007). Her first novel 'Isabel Burning' debuted in 2008 through Raw Dog Screaming Press and a prequel is scheduled for release in early 2013. A novella, 'Driving Through the Desert' was released on Thunderstorm Books in 2012, and the German Edition of 'Isabel Burning' will be released by Voodoo Press throughout Europe before 2013. She is a recurring guest reader at, and is an active member in the Horror Writer's Association.

Official Ego Likeness Website

Ego Likeness can be seen at TempleCon 2015 at :

Saturday morning, February 7th, 12:00AM-1:30AM, in The Rotunda
Live Music Performance: Ego Likeness

Guest Spotlight: Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di FilippoPaul Di Filippo sold his first story in 1977, and has since sold over 200 more. With over thirty books to his name, he fills a small shelf at the Providence Athenaeum, historical haunt of Edgar Allan Poe upon Poe's visits to Providence. He lives in that city with his partner of 40 years, Deborah Newton; a calico cat named Penny Century; and a chocolate-colored cocker spaniel named, with astounding unoriginality, Brownie.

Official Paul Di Filippo Website.

See Paul Di Filippo at:

Sunday, February 8th, 1:00PM-2:00PM in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Author Salon: A Reading by Paul Di Filippo

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