Guest Spotlight: Monique Renée

Monique Renée is a cosplayer, professional model, and, more recently, an actress. A well known veteran of the Science Fiction and Scifi-Fantasy costuming community, Monique is best known for her Star Wars costumes. She began costuming as a teenager, joining a renowned Star Wars costuming group with her very first costume: a Padmé gown from Episode II that had, in fact,  been her senior prom dress, which  she had helped replicate. Since then, her wardrobe has expanded to include dozens of costumes from all different fandoms. 
Monique has worked as a promotional model/promotional cosplayer for nearly a dozen different convention-attending companies, appeared at even more conventions as either an attendee or model, and has also collaborated with a variety of artists in her costumes over the past 9 years. She has been used as the reference model for ​the Star Wars Expanded Universe character Tenel Ka Djo in several publications, depicting her award-winning costume. 

She is currently in  collaboration with artist Tom Hodges as a reference model for a character in his independent comic book series. Just recently, Monique has broken into acting, playing one of the four Chainsaw-wielding demons in the horror-comedy film Chainsaw Maidens from Hell, featuring Kane Hodder (Jason X), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), and Sarah French.


Monique Renée is the organizer for the TempleCon 2015 costume contest and will be one of the judges for the event.