Vendor Spotlight: Scott Simmons

Scott is just your regular T-shirt and jeans type of guy who is waiting for scientists to find a cure for sleep.


Until then Scott, who works a full-time job, spends his mornings writing. His first novel, "Choices Made - A Tale of the Gwerin", came out in late 2013 and he is in the middle of writing "Broken Ties", book two of his Gwerin Saga.


Scott also is an avid painter, during the rest of his free time, and has been represented by galleries on Cape Cod and Rhode Island for the past fifteen years.


But until that cure for sleep comes along Scott will be filling his studio with little bits of paper scrawled with ideas for paintings and drafts for his next series of novels.


Scott will be vending in the Plaza Foyer throughout TempleCon 2015.  Stop by and visit him there!