Vendor Spotlight: Storied Threads

Storied Threads began when Veronica Bailey decided to parlay her theatrical costuming skills, honed while working as wardrobe designer for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire and Pastimes Entertainment, into a small business specializing in period clothing designs with a cinematic flair.
In an effort to add some additional visual interest to her designs, Veronica bought her first embroidery machine. Some time later, on a whim, she created her first embroidered patch, inspired by one of her favorite TV shows, "Doctor Who." The public response was so strong she began to expand her line of patches, and then applied her designs to a range of clothing and accessories.
Today, Storied Threads offers on patches, scarves, bags, ties, and other accessories hundreds of embroidery designs inspired by pop culture, history, literature, theater, and geeky subcultures, from renaissance faires to the steampunk scene.