Guest Spotlight: New England Privateers

The New England Privateers are a group of four long-time gamers (miniatures, board, card, they play them all) who have been putting on events on the local and national level for more than a decade.  Paul "Snakeman" Shoemaker, Andrew "Hacksaw" Hartland, Craig "Lonelymonk" Caton, and Sam "Builder" Butler have run highly successful miniatures gaming events at local game stores and major conventions including TempleCon, GenCon Indy, and PAX East, as well as their own convention, CaptainCon.  

These four are passionate about putting on well-run entertaining events for their fellow gamers.  In fact, Andrew and Paul have been running gaming events at TempleCon since the very first year.  Beyond administering smoothly professional tournaments, this team focuses on the art of the experience of tabletop miniatures gaming - building terrain and custom set table pieces to supplement the terrain and table tops created by TempleCon Convention Director Grant Garvin for players to enjoy all weekend long. 

But, all this comes at a price.  Each year, the New England Privateers sell a number of exclusive TempleCon items to commemorate the convention and help cover the costs of filling the Grand Ballroom with gamers.  This year they are selling a set of dice customized with the TempleCon logo as well as a commemorative challenge coin and the traditional Midnight Madness t-shirt featuring stunning art from Privateer Press.  To see these cool souvenirs of TempleCon 2015 and support the work the guys are doing, visit their website at to pre-order and visit them in the Grand Ballroom during the show to pick up your items.