Guest Spotlight: Downcity Armory

Downcity ArmoryDowncity Armory is an industrial band based in Providence, Rhode Island, founded by vocalist Todd Bowes. In April of 2013, DCA released the "EMPIRE GONE" EP, a six-song blast of noisy synth hooks and heavy dance beats, with aggressive and melodic vocals. Calling their music "electrocore," the EP established a formula that took the Northeast US by storm, featuring airplay on 91HJY in Providence, WMFO in Medford, MA, and countless Internet radio stations. DCA hadn't even played a live gig before they were included on Allston Pudding and Midday Records' compilations to benefit the Boston OneFund for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as a third compilation for Strike a Chord URI. That year, DCA made their live debut at legendary Boston rock venue TT the Bear's, instantly establishing themselves as one of the loudest forces in the New England industrial music scene, exhibiting a penchant for catchy, danceable hooks, as well as stage-shattering aggrotech that pummeled audiences with brutal beats and riffs. This was followed up in 2014 with a mini-tour of live performances throughout the Northeast, stunning audiences with their uninhibited, theatrical stage presence, leading Mark Charron of RI's inimitable Satellites Fall to declare Todd Bowes "one of the best frontmen in the Northeast US." Meanwhile, the band quietly donated all their proceeds to a variety of charitable causes, committed to using their music as a force for good in the world.

On May 23rd, 2014, DCA released their double EP "Workhorse/Firehorse" to rave reviews and massive airplay, shattering all preconceived notions of the band and industrial music, with "Workhorse" featuring DCA's aggressive, hard industrial/EBM side, and "Firehorse" showcasing their more hook-laden electro rock side. Another mini-tour followed, increasing DCA's range throughout the Northeast, from Boston to Philadelphia, making stops in New York, Worcester, and their hometown of Providence. For 2015, DCA plan on touring even more, starting with TempleCon and making more stops throughout the US, bringing their signature blend of aggression and melody, synthesis and raw musicianship to an even wider audience, all while working on their next release, their first full-length concept album entitled "The New Old World." Check them out at for more news and information!

See Downcity Armory at TempleCon 2015 at:

Friday, February 6th, 10:30PM-11:30PM in The Rotunda
Live Music Performance: Downcity Armory