Guest Spotlight: DJ Chad/DJ Decay

DJ Chad is a Providence area DJ and performer who has been spinning at clubs and events since the early 90s, starting with the swirling Goth and Industrial dancefloors of San Francisco before moving to sunny New England, where he's worked the Goth and Fetish clubs of Providence as 'DJ Decay' (Per Chad:  "OK, in my defense, in my 20s that seemed like a really cool DJ name. We all do stupid things in our 20s, don't we?").

While working as a club DJ, Chad was friends with a number of bellydancers at a time when the local Middle Eastern dance scene was sorely lacking in DJs, so Chad was 'volunteered' to DJ a few Middle Eastern events, where he fell in love with the exotic rhythms and amazing performers in the scene. Since then, DJ Chad has been a fixture at many Middle Eastern dance events throughout Southern New England, lending his DJ and Emcee talents to events like 'Tales Inspired by the Night Circus,' 'Danse Salmagundi Samhain Spectacular,' and the annual 'Shakin for a Cure' Cystic Fibrosis benefit. While getting into the arts and dance scene DJ Chad has delved deep into the global music scene, experimenting with music from the Middle East, India, and more, infusing his sets with an exotic flair.

When not spinning music, Chad also spins Poi and Buugeng as a flow artist, writes mediocre horror fiction, and blogs about puppets.

Hear DJ Chad at: 

Thursday, February 5th, 6:30pm-9:00pm in The Rotunda
Welcome to the Heart of TempleCon, featuring DJ Chad