Guest Spotlight: Kelley Hensing

Kelley Hensing is an artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. She attended RISD for undergrad and earned her MVA from the School of Visual Arts. Her favorite medium is oil paint and her art reflects a blend of gothic and steampunk. Describing these visual stories and characters can be a bit more illusive, so she does her best to translate a synopsis of her imagery into words.


“Fear and desire drive our primal instincts, while our human intellect constructs rules and technology to control everything around us. What emerges from this is a rich variety of religion and culture that serves to bring meaning  to our world. This is where I find my inspiration, along with a passion for animals and the natural environment. Drawing from these influences, my art can seen as iconic when I portray archetypes, and at other times creates a fable narrated with visual clues to reveal a message. I often merge opposing forces in my work such as beauty and decay, or leave clues to an initial impression that things are not what they seem. I enjoy creating imagery that takes a second look and that inspires a puzzle or mystery for the viewer to decipher for themselves."


See Kelley Hensing at TempleCon 2015 at:


Friday, February 6th, 5:30PM-6:30PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Life Outside the Box 


Saturday, February 7th, 6:00PM-7:00PM, in Con Suite 3 (Room 623)
Artist Portfolio Workshop


Kelley Hensing will also be vending in the Plaza Foyer throughout TempleCon 2015.