Guest Spotlight: Lyle Lowery

Lyle LoweryLyle Lowery of Privateer Press grew up on a steady diet of miniatures and board games. It was WWII fighter planes that first piqued his hobby interest, but model planes gave way to miniature soldiers because those were models you could play with. Lyle spent much of the past two decades painting and commanding miniature armies, but his passion for games doesn't stop there. He also proudly boasts a collection of nearly 200 board games.

Lyle is the marketing manager for Privateer Press. In his role, he oversees the marketing department's talented and dedicated staff while planning and implementing the company's marketing strategies.

Lyle Lowery can be seen at TempleCon 2015 at:

Friday, February 6th, 10:00AM-11:00AM, in The Grand Ballroom
Privateer Press Panel 'The Next Big Thing!'