FAQ: Hotel/Travel

Where does TempleCon take place?

In Warwick, Rhode Island, just a few miles down the road from Providence, Rhode Island. Specifically, in the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick Hotel. For more info about these two cities and the hotel, check out the various articles in the "Location" section.


Whoa. Why did you go with such a nice hotel?

Because when we started TempleCon, holding the event in a top-of-the-line venue was something we set our sights on doing. The founders of TempleCon have many years of experience in convention staffing, event organizing, and vending, and we have plenty of horror stories that come from events run at terrible, low-budget venues or gaping and drafty event centers.

We also wanted to throw this party in someplace that would actually be a memorable part of the experience, rather than just a roof, scary wallpaper, and some tables and chairs. We figure that if you are going to bother to travel out to a convention, the venue and the surrounding area are part of the experience.


Besides TempleCon, what's there to do in the Providence-Warwick area?

Quite a lot. Warwick is a historical town just 8 miles away from Providence, and despite Providence being the capitol of a tiny state that many ignorant people think is an actual island floating out in the middle of the Atlantic somewhere, Providence is also an arts and entertainment hub in New England. If you are not from the area, you're probably in for quite a surprise.

Great nightclubs, bars, restaurants, galleries, theaters, museums, and more are all accessible. There's also the super-massive Providence Place Mall and IMAX Theater that you could probably get lost in, right in the middle of downtown Providence. Trust us, if you manage to pull yourself away from what's going on at TempleCon for an hour or two, you will not be bored.

And, as any TempleCon veteran can tell you, you need to hit Providence's famous Trinity Brewhouse during your visit.


Is there some sort of bar or lounge in the hotel?

Indeed! Not just one, but two! Remington's Restaurant specializes in fine American cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. Alfred's Cafe has classic library decor with internet service, overstuffed sofas, and a fireplace, as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, and an extraordinary wine list with over 100 wine selections available by the bottle and 24 wine selections available by the glass. There is also a bar set up during the evening shows in the Rotunda, so you can get your drink on without missing a moment of the show.

We've also arranged for food concessions to be available directly in the convention's main registration area, as well as at a kiosk outside the main elevators, timed to be available during breaks between major events. We don't screw around.


Sounds great. I'm ready to book a room at the Crowne Plaza. How do I do that?

Check our Hotel Rooms Page. As I'm sure you'll hear us stress again, do not hesitate when booking your room. The TempleCon block has a habit of being sold out QUICKLY, so please get those reservations in if you would like the main hotel experience! Book early!


TempleCon is in early February. Isn't February cold and nasty in New England?

While, yes, TempleCon is still being held during that evil time in New England called "winter" where the sun departs the skies and we huddle by the fire in our woolen Pilgrim outfits, it's nowhere near as bad as you think. Usually the worst winter weather in New England comes in late December and early January, with a lot of the snow and such being in late November. A blizzard hit New England and the east coast just before TempleCon 2011. That didn't stop us or the hordes from descending on the con and having a smashing good time!

So yeah, despite what those folks from Florida would have you believe, New England in February is not a barren tundra filled with ravenous dire wolves. That probably could describe our highways, though.


Could I throw a party at TempleCon?

Of course, as long as you keep it somewhat sane and don't damage property or people. We'll even help you get the word out via our bulletin board of debauchery.

If you manage to figure out all the details beforehand and let us know, we'll even post the information and an announcement on the website. That way you'll be assured that tons of people will show up and drink all of your beer.


What about parking?

Parking at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick Hotel is free.


I'm planning on flying in. What do I do?

We have a section just for information on that too.