FAQ: Events

What is there to do at TempleCon?

That's a broad question, but one we understandably get asked often. A lot of gaming goes on at the event in all of its glorious forms, in addition to a variety of other awesome activities. In the gaming realm, we have RPGs, CCGs, miniatures games on awesome terrain, Live-Action Role-Playing, Board Games, and of course, video games. Chances are high that if you play it, we'll have some sort of support for it going on. And if we don't, you might want to consider running it.

And while that's great and everything, we also offer other stuff like guests (game developers, artists, and writers, among others), DJs, live music, the now-infamous bellydancers and performance artists, a Retro-Futurist fashion show, contests, cosplay photoshoots, the Retro-Futurist Ball, Neo-Victorian High Tea, and tons of vendors, plus panels, seminars, and workshops, in all sorts of areas related to gaming, Retro-Futurism, and other just-plain-cool stuff.

Finally, there are also "meta-convention" activities such as side parties (which are highly encouraged and supported by TempleCon), hanging out in the incredible hotel lounge or the hotel restaurant, and enjoying what Warwick and Providence have to offer. We think you'll find plenty to do.


Does TempleCon focus on any specific types of events?

TempleCon is a very diverse event that covers a wide swathe of entertainment, including everything from costuming, to fine food and drink, to gaming, to movies, to parties, to discussion panels, and much more.

You will be hard-pressed to not be able to find something to do here.


Since you guys don't charge for event tickets, can I pre-register for my favorite event?

Hells, yes. Once our schedule gets finalized, we allow pre-registered members to register for events in the "Register" area of the website. This is another huge incentive to get your pre-regs in, aside from saving you a bunch of money. Generally, most tournaments and events at TempleCon are designed to accommodate a large number of players, but if one is specifically limited or extremely hot, we'll flag it on the schedule.


Can people who don't pre-register for the convention register for specific events?

Nope. You need to be pre-registered for TempleCon to be able to register for events. This is primarily so that we only have people who are sure they are attending the convention taking up spots in stuff. That's only fair, right?


I missed pre-registration and now cannot register for a specific event! Help! Does that mean I can't attend?

Of course you can attend.

What event registration actually means is that pre-registered members can register for events *before* the convention, whereas people who aren't pre-registered for the convention cannot. We don't want to hold space for people who then decide not to show up. This does sometimes result in events that are full prior to the convention, but it is very rare, and they are clearly marked on our schedule.

If you want to be absolutely certain that you get into an event that you are not pre-registered for, please be sure to arrive at the convention early on the day of the event. Give yourself enough time to make it through the on-site registration system. Find the event before it starts and check in with the event organizer as soon as you arrive at the event.


I'd like to run an event at TempleCon. Can I?

Chances are, yes. Many events at TempleCon are hosted directly by affiliates, staff, or companies that sponsor the game being run. However, as in the past, we are still happy to hear from dedicated folks who want to run their favorite game at the convention. If we select your event, you also get free admission to the convention on the day your event runs (so long as you are running four or more hours of events that day), as a thank you for supporting the convention and the community. For more information, check out our Event Submission Page.


I'm not huge on tournaments. Is there any casual gaming at TempleCon?

Definitely. In fact, the vast majority of gaming at TempleCon is pick-up gaming. We have plenty of space and terrain set aside for people to chill out and play virtually anything they feel like. Also, the video gaming section of the convention has scheduled "open play" times for the LAN, and fun casual games as well.


Are you guys serious that there really aren't *any* gaming event tickets at TempleCon?

More than serious. It's law to us. When you come to TempleCon, you pay for your membership, and you play in anything you want without spending another dime. The only exceptions to this rule are tournaments that require a buy-in for prize support, or events with a materials requirement above and beyond your own deck, army, etc., since we have always thought it pretty stupid to have to pay to attend a convention, and then pay more to actually do anything at the convention, which in some cases ends up doubling what you paid for your badge. If you want to play in some kind of draft or other event that requires sealed product, you'll obviously have to purchase the product at the convention, or if you are participating in a workshop that requires materials you didn't bring with you then you'll need to pay the associated materials fee, but otherwise you'll never be charged a fee to play in a gaming event at TempleCon. Seriously. If anyone ever tells you that you need a "ticket" at a gaming event at TempleCon, let us know, and we'll punch them.