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Vendor Spotlight: Wyrmwood Gaming

Wyrmwood GamingWyrmwood is a small, customer-focused company based in East Taunton, Massachusetts, manufacturing and selling handmade, premium quality tabletop gaming accessories.

Founded on the idea that gamers can have fine taste, Wyrmwood pieces look appropriate on a fine dining room table, but are made for the gaming table. They show a high level of care and attention to detail, reflecting the way so many in the tabletop gaming community approach their games of choice!

Each item is available in an extensive selection of premium hardwoods, with a wide range of appearances and price points. From fine domestics like white oak, cherry and black walnut to striking exotic woods like mahogany, Bolivian rosewood and Gabon ebony, there's something for every taste and every table.

For more information, please visit their website.

What is TempleCon?

TempleCon began a decade ago as a convention dedicated to smashing the mold from which so many events had been cast. After finding that the modern paradigm of an increasing number of expo-focused events didn't capture what they were looking for in a convention experience, the creators of TempleCon decided to push forward to create a massive oasis for geeks, nerds, gamers, music lovers, costumers, retro-futurists, and anyone else seeking a one-of-a-kind community of pure distilled awesome to become a part of.

Why is TempleCon different? You could ask a dozen people, and get a dozen answers. What constantly rings true is that TempleCon is a haven that offers you all of the best games, entertainment, sights, sounds, and most importantly, people that you will ever find on the convention circuit.

Welcome to TempleCon.

The lifeblood of TempleCon is our diverse weekend-long sets of shows and live performances; no matter why you attend TempleCon, you do not want to miss these! From cutting-edge live music, to dancers, to variety shows, unbelievable DJs, and more, this has become the destination for insanely creative people to show off what they do best. We're incredibly proud to say that we've served as a groundbreaking venue for artists that have been shaking up the convention scene ever since, both locally and abroad!

As we've said for years, TempleCon isn't a convention for just gamers, but instead for people of all interests who truly love to game. 

Tabletop Gaming has been the primary reason for thousands of people to descend on Rhode Island from all points of the globe. As of this year, TempleCon is one of the largest conventions in North America for tabletop miniatures wargaming, playing host to some of the largest competitive events in the entire world, with tournaments and demos from a myriad of game systems run by representatives of the companies that bring them to you, on some of the most amazing terrain on the convention circuit.

But Wargaming is just a small part of the tablestop gaming action. Collectable Card Games, Role Playing, and more also have a massive presence, as always. And Board Gaming? Prepare to experience what may just be the largest board game library at a major convention in North America! Come to compete, or come to find a casual game on an open table. Tabletop Gaming at TempleCon is designed to cater to all skill levels and interests! 

When we say you'll experience "retro-gaming," we mean it. TempleCon each year plays host to an ever-expanding arcade of fully restored classic games ranging throughout the 1980s and into the 90s. The TempleCon convention director's personally-restored collection of vintage arcade nostalgia is an interactive museum of the golden era of video gaming, available day or night throughout the weekend for you to take a trip down memory lane or compete against some of the annual top scorers. And the best part? No quarters required!

TempleCon is proud to host some of the best costumers in the country, and every year the caliber of what folks grace our halls and stage with seems to dramatically increase. With our rotating yearly theme, you will never expect what people will concoct each year.

Even beyond hall costumes, TempleCon also plays host to an annual Makers' Masquerade costume contest to showcase and award the very best in convention costuming, as well as an annual fashion show featuring designs and concepts tied to science fiction and retro-futurist themes from some truly talented designers who have made TempleCon a launchpad for their creativity.

What convention weekend isn't made complete by picking up a bunch of cool goodies? TempleCon features massive amounts of vending and expo floor space for all sorts of stuff you love, from both small craft vendors and the creators of your favorite games, books, and more.

It's not unusual to have people travel here just to check out the vending ballroom, expo area, and the infamous Clockwork Bazaar!